PRIDE* (PARTNERSHIP FOR RURAL IMPROVEMENT & DEVELOPMENT IN EUROPE) is supported by the EU Erasmus Plus programme and is an adult education staff mobility partnership

PRIDE* participants on a visit for geothermal energy usage Within GRAMPUS Heritage & Training projects another PRIDE3 group visited us from the 8th to 15th August.

This time the participants of the programme learned about the usage of geothermal energy in the region. They also learned about traditional crafts as well as cultural and natural heritage of the Prekmurje region. The journey started with a visit to the regional museum in Murska Sobota to get an idea of the region. Then we went to the river Mura in Ižakovci to enjoy the clean and peaceful nature. We started the next day with a presentation in the tomato producer company Lušt as they use geothermal energy for tomato production. After tasting different sorts of tomatoes and a cup of coffee, we went to our first workshop – corn husk weaving at Pomelaj
in Mala Polana. We finished the day with the visit to the oxbow in Kot. We could see the consequences of the drought; it was especially visible on the reed bed – you could see how high the water was before.

The new day took us to our next workshop – this time pottery – in DUO Veržej. After a satisfying workshop we finished the day with a visit to the old wine cellar in Gornja Radgona and wine tasting as well. Friday started with a presentation of the spa Terme 3000 with the emphasis on geothermal water, especially the black thermal mineral water, and the use of geothermal energy/water in the spa. Then we went to the next presentation on geothermal energy use at the company Ocean Orchids. They use geothermal energy for the production of orchids. We had the last stop for that day at the watchtower Vinarium in Lendava, where you can see the landscapes of four different countries at once (Slovenia, Austria, Croatia and Hungary).

Saturday was rainy in the morning when we drove to Goričko, the hilly region of Prekmurje. We visited the castle Grad and then went to the nearby adventure park Vulkanija, where they present the forces within the Earth’s core and the geological processes that take place on or near the surface. The mole Oli, volcanologist by profession, was our guide through the adventure. As the weather cleared up in the afternoon we went to the tripoint near Trdkova, where three countries border (Slovenia, Austria, Hungary). The last day started with a cup of coffee at the chocolate shop Passero, where they sell excellent chocolate products. Then we went to Lake Bukovnica, where we checked the energy points and the lake without water. We finished our last day with a walk through Murska Sobota. On Monday our guests went back home.